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Kathy's innovative approach has created an informative and entertaining method of teaching staff to handle stress in the workplace. Although humorous, Kathy is very knowledgeable and professional regarding the benefits of laughter on our health and in our workplace."

- Texas Workforce Solutions

"Kathy gave us something to think about while sharing the actual health benefits attached to laughter. We loved her and highly recommend her program to anyone wanting to reduce stress and improve their health."

- Texas Department of Health

"Kathy makes an immediate connection when entering a room. Through her true-life examples, we learned how mal-nourished we, as an adult society, are and the changes we can make to help ourselves be happier and healthier. Her message is one we all need to hear."

- Hospice of San Angelo "Building Bridges"

"Kathy's presentation set the tone for our entire Conference. We hope to share the knowledge and laughter skills she shared with all of our schools."

- Education Service Center Region XV

"If you are looking for an upbeat, positive speaker that will have your entire audience smiling and nodding their heads as they listen intently, then Kathy Keaton is a safe bet!"

-Social & Health Resource Coalition

“Being the intellectuals - we assumed a clown would be too silly for our professional staff - but on the completion of her presentation - felt just the opposite. We learned the importance of utilizing humor in our daily lives and walked away with tools to aide us in handling stress and coping with feelings of anxiety. Her unique delivery method truly enables her to get the message across about wellness in the workplace. I highly recommend her to any business, agency or organization in need of enhancing and uplifting the attitude, morale and wellness of its employees.”

- Howard College

“In her presentation Piccolo creates a new awareness and appreciation for the health benefits of humor. Kathy’s presentation is sprinkled with lots of laughter and audience participation. She gave us new thoughts on how attitude and laughter directly affect our daily lives and we left with tools we could immediately begin to use to help reduce stress. She is passionate and humor is her gift. Everyone immediately responded to her warm and compassionate humor.”

- Beginning Experience International Conference

“Our disabilities did not stop Piccolo from brining our group together like I haven’t seen in some time. She surprised each of us with fun exercises we could do at our own pace and ability. She gave us a night full of laughter and fun and made us forget our illness. Each and every person attending told me how much they enjoyed her presentation and would love to have her return. I highly recommend Kathy to work with any group or organization to uplift the audience for a lifetime of memories.”

- MS Support Group of San Angelo

“We enjoyed every single minute of Kathy’s presentation. She blended humor, laughter and fun along with scientific research. It was truly an education for me as a counselor. I knew that humor was helpful and healthy but she backed it up with facts. She wove together how as adults we somehow loose our humor along the way and how to discover fun again as well as help other as well. She knows how to adapt and would be appropriate for any group or organization.”

- Foundress/Beginning Experience