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Healthcare Clown

The Healthcare Clown is a specialty area of clowning requiring caring and compassion.....they offer hope, comfort and laughter for patients, family members, caregivers and staff.  The Healthcare Clown delivers gentle, light-hearted and encouraging humor to those whose health has been compromised or those who may need a gentle lift and a bright moment in their day.



“As a young military wife, Kathy literally went from military wife and mother to clown over-night (behind her husband’s back!) He had flown off to a “secret military school” and her youngest son merrily skipped off to kindergarten leaving her alone with her creative idea. Once she decided to become a clown for children’s parties, she did it the very next day. Her young son came in that afternoon and found her with her feet in the bathroom sink, staring into the mirror, with the beginning of what would become an award-winning clown and over 42 years of fun and laughter. The next day he took her to show and tell.

“Piccolo” has performed at thousands of birthday parties, hundreds of school programs, at fairs, parades, community events, and two funerals and a wedding. She entertains at nursing homes, the family shelter, for support groups, churches, for cancer patients, hospice patients, caregivers, and for those struggling with Parkinson’s, MS and others dealing with frustrating, stressful life challenges. For the past 16 years, she has been the “Humor Therapist” at San Angelo Community Medical Center where she strolls from room to room entertaining patients, staff, family members . . . The coke man – elevator operator and anyone else she meets. Her patients range from newborn to over 100 years of age. Throughout the years “Piccolo” has delivered hundreds of singing telegrams (and never sang) to Colonels, Base Commanders, judges, police chiefs, city managers, at behind the secret confines at The Army Security Agency, National Security Agency and on military bases around the world.


What “Piccolo” is proud of

Her position as Caring Clown Director of The World Clown Association

Her time on the Board of The Texas Clown Convention

Being the 2017 Chairman of The Texas Clown Convention

Teaching Intensive Health Care Clowning at The Red Skelton Museum and Performance Center

Attending the first Pediatric Health Care Clown Conference in Florence Italy and learning from clowns all over the world who do the same thing I do.

Winning awards and recognition from her peers not only in Texas but worldwide.

Not many people have been as lucky as myself to spend my days laughing and helping others laugh.

Stress is an epidemic and there is now scientific proof that laughter really is good medicine!


What medical professionals say about Piccolo

"Piccolo’s interaction with patients and staff often brings stress relief to a serious environment." - Hospital CEO
"Piccolo’s Humor Therapy is a vital part of the healing process." - Director of Nursing
"Piccolo’s wise discerning use of humor boosts the spirits of both patients and staff.." - Rehab Counselor
"Often when patients are re-admitted, they want to know which days Piccolo is coming.." - Chief Nursing Officer
"Humor plays an important part in holistic healing. Piccolo is on the cutting edge." - Rehab Social Worker
"Her presence lifts the spirits of those who are alone or isolated." - Patient Coordinator
"Piccolo" makes special balloon deliveries to hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities, private homes, and businesses.  A fun way to remember someone on their birthday, anniversary, special occasion or holiday. Call (325) 944-4746.