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Kathy Keaton - Homepage
(325) 944-4746

About Kathy

What Kathy wants you to know. “Clowns are people too”. They just want to share smiles and laughter and help others feel happy. “I think everyone will agree - We certainly need more of that in our world today”

Kathy is also – Just like you! See what you might have in common!


Kathy has experience in:



Pamper Control

Stain Removal


Penny Pinching

Speed Meal Preparation



Great Grand Mothering


A few of Kathy’s accomplishments:

Runner up for Ms. Chiropractic Queen of Okla.

Winner of “The Smile Contest” (sponsored by Crest)

Toastmaster champion – for Humor

Speech Tri-State Twirling Champion

San Angelo’s “Funniest Grandmother”

Voted A Women to Watch by The San Angelo Professional Women's Assn.

She has life experience in:

Girl Scouts

Candy Striper

Newspaper Editing


Factory Worker

Military “Spy-Wife” (twice)

Skin Care Consultant

Jewelry Consultant

Retail Merchandiser

Radio Copywriter

Radio Sales Manager/Trainer


BBB Marking Director

Chamber of Commerce Marketing Director




Texas Clown Association – Board of Directors 3 years

Texas Clown Association - Chairman 2017 Clown Convention

World Clown Association – Caring Clown Director (Current)

Clowns of /America International

Rotary International (past member)

Toastmasters International (past award winner)

Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor



Personal Development and Training

Certified Humor Therapist (3 - year study)

Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor

Character Development

Humor and Leadership

Using Humor to Maximize Living

Humor and the Brain Humor

Neuroscience and Application

Hospice (Board of Directors 9 years)

Building Bridges/Family Hospice (facilitator for 15 years)

Beginning Experience Facilitator 15 years (grief retreat)

Fundamentals of Humor Therapy

Humor and aging

Emotional Intelligence


Mind/Body Connection

Finding Laughter in an Ocean of Grief

Affects of Laughter with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patient’s

Finding Balance with Humor

Hospice of San Angelo - Board of Directors 9 years

Meals for the Elderly Board of Directors 3 years

A Woman to Watch - San Angelo Business Women's Assn.