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Therapeutic Humor

Any intervention that promotes health and wellness by stimulating a playful discovery, expression or appreciation, of the absurdity or incongruity of life's situations.

This intervention may enhance health or be used as a complementary treatment of illness to facilitate healing or coping, whether physical, emotional, cognitive, social or spiritual.

Officially adopted by the AATH Board of Directors on June 1, 2000

Therapeutic Clown and Hospital Humor Therpaist, "Piccolo" skillfully distributes humor and laughter in a gentle way. Employed as a Therapeutic Clown since 2003, the nurses often guide me to those needing a little extra attention. My job is to skillfully deliver the appropriate type of humor to each person I encounter. Whether it's the patient, family members, staff or a caregiver. . . whether they are 1 or 100. A brief moment in time can make an immediate difference to brighten their day, lighten their stress, and decrease their fear or anxiety during illness or a crisis.

Whether in the halls of the hospital, the private home of a hospice  patient, ,or the activity room in a nursing home, appropriate humor has its time and place.

Music, silliness, bubbles, sight gags, puppets, jokes and spontaneous interaction are the tools of the Therapeutic Clown.  "What I do depends on each person I meet - sometimes it is more fun than it is funny and often a little hand holding or hug along with a big clown smile and a bright colorful costume will do the trick."

Sometimes it is not appropriate at all.

  • Studies indicate that humor, mirth and laughter can:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase pain tolerance
  • Elevate mood & lift the spirit
  • Increase energy, hope and vigor
  • Counteract depression and anxiety

For more information on Humor Therapy, Therapeutic Clowning, Laughter Yoga, Humor and your Health or the benefits of laughter on our heart and health or for resources on Humor Therapy contact Kathy below or go to www aath.org

Kathy Keaton ~"Piccolo the Clown" (325) 944-4746  kpiccolo28@juno.com