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(325) 944-4746

Singing Telegrams and Balloons

 A perfect way to celebrate or announce any special event or occasion!
Call (325) 944-4746 for local deliveries
(Deliveries available Worldwide - see below)

A colorful balloon bo-kay with bright colorful streamers; a little fun and silliness via "special delivery" This surprise celebration includes a very special musical fanfare, an original tamboureen cheer, all topped off with a flurry of confetti!  Singing Telegrams are a quick and memorable "mini-celebration" that your special recipient will remember for years to come!

Delivered,all in fun to workplaces, restaurants, meetings, hospitals, conventions or private party locations!  Singing Telegrams are perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • It's a boy/girl
  • Congratulations
  • Valentine's Day
  • Promotions
  • Hospital Deliveries
  • Any special occasion or event!

                    ** NEW - International Singing Telegrams and Balloon Delivery Service  
                                       (Delivered nearly ANYWHERE in the world!)
                                 1-800-886-7464*Ext 5015 "Piccolo"

Past "special deliveries" and balloon bo-kays have included: judges, doctors, attorneys, construction workers, teachers, military intelligence officers, political officials, bachelorette parties, pregnancy announcements, and even, a proposal!