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Kathy Keaton - Homepage
(325) 944-4746

Humorous Speaker and Entertainer


"Laugh Often ~ Live Well"  
Just what the Dr. ordered
"take as often as needed"
Side effects:  Less stress - lower blood pressure -
ability to cope better - a happier heart .......


During her "happy hour", Kathy proves without a doubt that humor really is good medicine. She boosts morale, motivates, educates and entertains!  Audiences are encouraged to laugh and learn as Kathy's clown "Piccolo" skillfully guides your group or organization through life's everyday situations with an energetic attitude and always a twist of humor.


You'll laugh . . . . and then you'll laugh some more!

With over 30 years of clowning experience, Kathy shares her true life stories from the halls of the hospital and humorously blends her unique life experiences as a teacher's kid, military wife, and grand mother into a fun program that is not only fun and funny but insiteful. 

The message she delivers is engaging, interactive, entertaining, informative and very encouraging in today's fast-paced, rapidly-changing, stressful world.  Her words and actions demonstrate just how humor can help us become more aware of the serious health problems created by long term stress and how important daily laughter and a good sense of humor really are to our health and well being.