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Travel along the hospital halls with Piccolo as she shares her humor and laughter. This book is rich in content and will captivate readers with unexpected stories that provide testament that humor truly is good medicine.

Behind her outrageous makeup, musical kazoo, and silly tricks, Piccolo the Clown does much more than tell a joke or cause a distraction. She dares to reach out and connect with people during their most vulnerable times – illness and death. Humor and music are the vehicles used to lighten the mood. It is unmistakable after reading her story, that it is the courage and compassion of Kathy, aka Piccolo, that makes the real difference.

Her collection of real-life stories demonstrate how humor and personal interactions delivered with sensitivity can change the environment in even the most difficult situations. It’s not about the clown, it’s always about changing the focus from suffering to relief and helping others step out of their stress by offering moments of laughter and joy.

Though it helps that Kathy is a naturally funny person, it is the skills and knowledge she has honed through forty years of experience that have made her a valued and respected member of the hospital health care team.  Her pioneering efforts and poignant stories provide testament that the medical team is enhanced by diversity and that the effects of humor can be therapeutic and life altering.

This book is as relevant to a broader audience as it is to the profession of humor therapy. It teaches us all about the importance of a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to care.