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Birthday Party Clown

Silly Magic ~ Juggling ~ Skits ~ Stories ~ Music and Songs


Piccolo delivers a 30 minute clown show full of fun and surprising activities that keep the children laughing and entertained as parents sit back and watch the fun and excitement.  Full of subtle educational lessons as well as lots of audience participation, it is fun for parents to watch how the children interact and use their imagination with encouragement from Piccolo. The show is family friendly and always age appropriate


Opening the gifts is always special and very exciting.  (Very often chaotic and confusing as well).  Piccolo takes charge and reads each card as the child opens their gifts and always encourages the birthday child thank each guest after the gift is opened.

Piccolo's keen eye is always on the "look-out" for cards with a special touch - a youngster drawing pictures, writing their own name or including something special from their heart.  She makes your guests feel special as well as makes your child the star!!


The BIG EVENT!!! - The birthday cake and candles.
Piccolo leads family and friends in singing the birthday song on her infamous krazy kazoosaphone and helps mom cut and pass out the cake. "Piccolo" then finishes up with favorite children's songs as children eat their cake and ice cream while she poses for final pictures.

  • There are plenty of photo opportunities throughout the party.
  • Piccolo's party last approx. 1 hour
  • To help the party run smoothly - it's better to serve the meal before or after Piccolo's appearance.